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Transaction Advisory Services

Mitigate risk, create value and close transactions

Even simple transactions have many moving parts, significant time constraints and are regularly missing critical information required to assess all risks. Transactions involving distressed companies add complexity and scrutiny by stakeholders with divergent interests.

Legion assists buyers, sellers, lenders, investors, and their legal counsel in respect to acquisitions and dispositions of distressed and non-distressed companies and assets. We provide the essential services and expertise required to precisely assess risks and close transactions involving highly leveraged and distressed companies. Our services are customized based on the specific details of each transaction and the needs of the client.

Areas of Expertise, Include:

Sale-side Transactions

We advise clients considering the sale of all or part of their company or assets. We develop sale strategies, evaluate strategic alternatives, identify and assess potential acquirers, perform valuations, prepare detailed offering memoranda, and assist in negotiations. We have access to a diverse network of investors, including private equity groups, strategic investors, and high net-worth individuals. We have a successful track record of identifying buyers for both distressed and non-distressed companies.

Buy-side Transactions

We assist companies, private equity groups, and investors in buy-side financial and operational due diligence, competitive analysis, business valuations, and negotiations. We perform customized acquisition searches, based on client-specific criteria and goals. We utilize industry expertise, a diverse network of professional contacts, and expert financial analysis to identify and close strategic opportunities.

Capital Raises and Financing

We advise clients and serve on their behalf to find, negotiate, and acquire funding through traditional, hybrid, and alternative lenders, angel and venture capital investors, and mezzanine finance companies. We have a direct relationship with an extensive network of professionals who seek opportunities to place funding in companies with growth opportunities.

Strategic Consulting

We provide independent, strategic consulting services to a wide range of clients. Services include advising on various financing structures, potential strategic partnerships, growth strategies, and specific company and market due diligence.

Representative Engagements, Include: