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Bankruptcy Services

Pre-Bankruptcy Planning to Final Decree

Success in bankruptcy often depends on conveying complex financial issues and solutions to myriad parties with divergent interests in plain language and precise terms.

Legion assists a wide range of clients and their legal counsel in complex commercial bankruptcy proceedings to quickly and efficiently report on complex financial issues, and develop and gain support for strategic solutions. We serve as financial advisors, chief restructuring officers, examiners, and testifying experts. We offer a comprehensive array of bankruptcy services, including debtor and creditor advisory, interim management, and examiner and expert witness services. We provide extensive critical, analytic skills, and industry expertise at every stage of the process-- from pre-bankruptcy planning to plan confirmation and final decree.

Areas of Expertise, Include:

Debtor Advisory Services

We serve as financial advisors and chief restructuring officers to debtors. We help management meet the operational, financial, and reporting requirements associated with bankruptcy. We prepare critical reports and analyses required to support a myriad of filings and hearings throughout the case. We help to secure the time and resources required to stabilize operations and cash flows, procure interim financing, and restore confidence in the company. We develop and evaluate restructuring alternatives, determine the impact on creditors, and help develop confirmable plans. In this capacity, our ultimate goal is to help create a new, healthy, and viable company.

Creditor Advisory Services

We serve as financial advisors to creditors and committees. We provide critical economic, financial, and operational expertise and technical skills required to quickly and efficiently achieve our clients’ desired outcomes and maximize returns. We assist clients and legal counsel with matters involving the use of cash collateral, stay relief, claim disputes, asset sales, loan negotiations, and plan feasibility. We also help to defend against attacks related to claim status, collateral value, preferences, and other avoidance actions. In this capacity, our ultimate goal is to quickly and efficiently preserve, protect, and unlock value for our clients.

Distressed Transaction Services

We serve as financial advisors to buyers, sellers, lenders, and investors with respect to acquisitions and dispositions of distressed companies and assets, including liquidations and Section 363 asset sales. We assist clients and legal counsel throughout the sales process and in related court hearings. We prepare comprehensive offering memoranda, identify buyers or sellers, prepare or analyze due diligence, negotiate agreements and bidding procedures, analyze competing offers, prepare valuations, and help gain the support of critical stakeholders and confirmation of the sale by the court.

We also offer a wide range of related services described in the various other service sections of this website.

Clients Include:

Representative Engagements, Include: