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Restructuring Services

Decisive action, sustainable results

At some point, every company will face financial and operational challenges associated with changing business environments and competitive pressures. Companies that respond quickly are able to better leverage their core competencies in order to regain their competitive advantage.

Legion helps companies quickly and efficiently respond to challenges, improve business performance, and increase enterprise value. Our experts have extensive experience in addressing the unique circumstances, liquidity constraints, and market conditions that threaten companies. We assess and offer immediate actions required to stabilize operations and preserve value. We work collaboratively with management to solve complex business issues, develop strategies to increase liquidity, and define strategic business objectives. Our long-term financial, operational, and capital restructuring plans are tailored, realistic, and innovative. Our services help return the company to profitability and a new, healthy, and sustainable level of operations.

Areas of Expertise, Include:

Crisis Management

We provide calm, experienced assistance and practical solutions to immediate financial and operational issues that threaten companies. Our rapid response helps to preserve enterprise value, mitigate the impact on employees, and align company objectives and expectations with creditors, lenders, customers, and suppliers.

Cash Flow Forecasting

We help clients increase the precision of short-term cash flow forecasts in crisis situations where failure to do so accurately could be fatal to the company. Our services help clients avoid unexpected cash short falls and increase confidence in critical information relied upon by key decision makers.

Cash and Working Capital Improvement

We provide critical services required to quickly free up cash and improve liquidity by optimizing working capital. We focus on core strategies involving accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory, and cash management, among others. We prioritize initiatives based on the potential effect on cash, time requirement, cost, and level of risk. Our quick and effective measures help companies meet short-term funding requirements and prevent crises from escalating.

Financial Restructuring

We provide rapid, strategic advice, and in-depth analysis required to achieve superior financial results and optimal capital structure. We help restructure existing debt, bring in new debt or equity capital, and divest non-core assets or divisions of the company to raise capital. We support negotiations with key creditors and assist in negotiating restructuring and forbearance agreements. Our services help clients quickly achieve realistic and sustainable financial structures required to meet key initiatives set by the company and its lenders.

Operational Restructuring

We help clients not only meet financial goals, but also achieve lasting change by optimizing the resources, processes, procedures, and infrastructure used to produce goods and services. We rapidly identify the cause and operational factors contributing to distress, identify restructuring alternatives, and assist with implementation. Our efforts help increase efficiency and profitability and shorten the time required to achieve key initiatives set by the company and its lenders.

We also offer a wide range of related services described in the various other service sections of this website.

Representative Engagements, Include: