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Receiver & Examiner Appointments

Timely, accurate, and transparent reporting

Fiduciary appointments most often involve companies with a mix of financial, operational, and litigation issues that have lost the trust of one or more stakeholders. In such cases, broad, deep, and direct experience, coupled with technical expertise and impartiality, is required of a fiduciary to not only fulfill the responsibilities set out by the court, but to ensure the most efficient and accurate outcome.

Legion experts are regularly appointed as fiduciaries in complex and distressed situations that demand an extraordinary mix of financial, operational, and technical experience. Our experts have been appointed or worked on more than fifty receiverships over operating companies, commercial and residential real estate, and other specific assets in dozens of industries. In these proceedings, our duty generally requires us to oversee company assets and operations, and to manage, protect, and sometimes liquidate collateral. We work closely with all stakeholders to ensure the company and/or its assets are well managed while the parties seek to resolve their litigation matters.

Legion experts have been appointed as independent bankruptcy examiners and offer services in a wide range of matters requiring extensive expertise in the areas of bankruptcy, restructuring, litigation, and investigation.

Representative Engagements, Include: